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Affordable and Safe Medical Travel Tours for Trans Gender Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in Bangkok, Thailand Accredited Hospitals. Surgeries are Performed by Board Certified Thai SRS Plastic Surgeons, who Have Completed hundreds of SRS Surgeries Successfully for International Patients Visiting Thailand to Address Their Medical Needs. Recover in Privacy and enjoy Huge savings on a Cosmetic Surgery Makeover.

Thai Ladyboy SRS Sex Change Operation at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Hospital
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   Thailand Adams Apple Surgery Adam's Apple Reduction
   Thailand Botox Fillers Botox
   Thailand Transgender Breast Implants Breast Implants
   Thailand Brow Lift Browlifts
   Thailand Butt Implants Butt Implants
   Thailand Butt Lift Butt Lift
   Thailand Cheek Augmentation Cheek Augmentation
   Thailand Chin Augmentation Chin Augmentation
   Thailand Eye Lid Surgery Eye-Lid Surgery
   Thailand Ear Otoplasty Ear Otoplasty Surgery
   Thailand Face Lift Facelift
   Thailand Forehead Contouring Forehead Recontouring
   Thailand Transgender Hair Line Correction Hair Transplant
   Thailand Jaw Recontouring Jaw Recontouring
   Thailand Lip Augmentation Lip Augmentation
   Thailand Liposuction Liposuction
   Thailand Nose Reshaping Nose Rhinoplasty
   Thailand Tummy Tuck Tummy Tuck
   Thailand Voice Box Surgery Voice Surgery
   Thailand FFS Facial Feminization (FFS)
   Thailand SRS Sexual Reassignment (SRS)

Transgender SRS Medical Tourism to Bangkok Hospitals

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalWhat is everything in a ThaiMed Medical Tour Package ?

Toll free phone access to ThaiMed 9:00am - 6:00pm daily Monday - Saturday Bangkok time.

See the contact us page for the corresponding time in your home town using phone and e-mail we schedule all procedures, negotiate all prices and give you one quote for everything included here.

Unique airport arrival packet sent to you two days prior to take off Via Federal Express.

Airport pick up by a staff member with a ThaiMed driver.

This staff member will have spoken to you on the phone prior to arrival and you will have exchanged pictures.

Transportation to your hotel or directly to your hospital depending on your arrival time, procedures you have scheduled your doctors wishes and your preference. This is all decided before you depart from home.

Pre-op Exam and Health Check-up.

You will have your doctors and or medical health care providers mobile phone and and contact information for emergency.

If you have requested it and your doctors approve we also provide transportation and a guide for sightseeing shopping, golf, tours etc.This should all be discussed with your doctor because while we all want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible your safety and a good outcome is our number one priority.

At the end of your trip your personal staff member accompanies you back to the airport through seat assignment and up to passport control.

Our quote covers all normal & necessary medical charges in and out of the hospital. Some things are specifically excluded like room upgrades, extra medications etc.

At the hotel it's similar with mini bar, room service, dry cleaning and long distance telephone being billed separately when you check out. We will be there to assist you with both.

There will be no surprises because when you receive your quote you will be told what is included and excluded. That is part of our service and alll that is part of everything.

Start Now By Registering or Contacting Us For More Information!

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalAbout ThaiMed Medical Tourism and SRS Thailand

Combine a relaxing vacation with your medical procedures or spend the minimum time allowed as advised by your doctors for a quick fix. A week or a month, Five Star to Budget, everything is flexible and entirely up to you. There is no fixed itinerary, so there are no fees for making a change even after arrival. Follow the schedule you planned or make changes to accommodate your wishes as you learn more about Thailand. Recuperate in privacy, luxury and comfort. Our staff will take care of you from the moment you land in Bangkok.

You won't have to navigate a strange airport through an unfamiliar city. We provide a unique airport pickup all transfers to and from hotel, hospital and all medical appointments. No hassles or worries. You'll have your own Personal Assistant for everything from shopping and sightseeing to follow up visits. At the end of your trip one of our staff will accompany you to the airport, through seat assignments and right up to passport control. We insure even your departure is worry free.

Thailand SRS Transgender Surgery in Bangkok HospitalsAt every step you'll make informed decisions, because we've done the research. We have the experience, so you can relax. From choosing the right medical team, picking the right hotel to anything else you need or want, our experience and friendly advice is there for you.

Don't settle for anything but the very best. Our Medical director and the team of surgeons we assembled, will take expert care of you in Bangkok's finest hospitals like BNH, Piyavate, Bangkok General Hospital and Bumrungrad while our ThaiMed Team will take care of everything else.

ThePatient Care Team Members are native English speakers who live in Thailand and Thai Nationals who really speak fluent English. They know Thailand like no tourist ever will. Legendary Thai hospitality but in English.

  • Could you book this trip yourself? ... Sure you could.
  • Could you save money? ... Maybe you could.
  • Might you spend more and get less? Yes! That is very likely.

Thailand is a friendly, relatively safe country and most people have a good experience, so why use us? Because peace of mind is priceless and using us results in minimal anxiety for you. We live here, receive our own medical care here and deal with these decisions on a daily basis. We would never take you to a Doctor or hospital we would not use ourselves.

Finally we have negotiated exclusive packages for our patients. The result is reasonable prices and extraordinary care for you. You will be confident that you are making informed decisions and comfortable that you know what to expect with no surprises.

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