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Transgender Jaw Recontouring Surgery for Male To Female Feminization Cosmetic Plastic Surgery
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Affordable and Safe Medical Travel Tours for Trans Gender Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in Bangkok, Thailand Accredited Hospitals. Surgeries are Performed by Board Certified Thai SRS Plastic Surgeons, who Have Completed hundreds of SRS Surgeries Successfully for International Patients Visiting Thailand to Address Their Medical Needs. Recover in Privacy and enjoy Huge savings on a Cosmetic Surgery Makeover.

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Transgender Jaw Recontouring in Bangkok Hospitals

Males’ jaws tend to be wider and taller than female jaws and often have a sharp corner at the back. The back corner can be rounded off in a procedure called "mandibular angle reduction"; bone can also be shaved off along the lower edge of the jaw to reduce width and height and the chewing muscles (masseter muscles) can also be reduced to make the jaw appear narrower.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalBest Candidates for Jaw Recontouring

Mandible angle reduction is advisable for people who have wide jaw line or square face. Mandible angle reduction is an operation to reduce the width of the lower face and change a square face to an oval one.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalPreparing for Jaw Augmentation

Close coordination with your surgeon during consultation is very important if you want to recover fast and have successful results.

Your surgeon will determine during this period your overall fitness to undergo a jaw reduction surgery. You may be asked to have some routine laboratory tests done. You should also disclose your full medical history. If you have conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, heart and blood flow problems and lung trouble, you may be at greater risk of complications later on.

Aside from being generally healthy, you need to be emotionally stable. You should be frank with your surgeon about your wants and your expectations. The proper mindset is being realistic about the results and understanding the risks that the surgery carries.

Your surgeon will give you detailed instructions on the dos and don'ts during the days before your operation. You will most likely be required to stop smoking, drinking alcohol and taking certain medicines, vitamins and supplements for at least two weeks before your surgery. These substances are known to interfere with the healing process.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalMandibular Angle Reduction Surgery Overview

Jaw reduction surgery is an inpatient procedure where you'll be required to stay an extra two nights at the hospital after operation. You'll be under general anesthesia which means that you will be asleep and not feel any pain for the duration of the three to four hour procedure.

There are different techniques in going about jaw reduction surgery. A common method involves your surgeon making small incisions, usually inside your mouth, through the bottom gums along the jaw line. You surgeon uses this as access to the prominent areas of the jawbone. The junction of the back part of the jaw and the lower border of the jaw is essentially cut off. This softens the jaw angle and raises the line of the jaw from front to back.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalJaw Surgery Results

The scars from the surgery will be hidden inside the mouth. Jaw reduction surgery will achieve the following results:

  • Reduced width of the lower face
  • A smoother mandibular angle resulting in more balanced facial features
  • Reduced overly prominent cheekbones
  • Softer features of a square-shaped face that looks more oval

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalRecovery After Jaw Recontouring

You'll have a compression bandage or garment around your face upon leaving the operating room which will be removed a day or two after. You'll be on a liquid or very soft diet for the first couple of days after surgery.

You'll experience soreness, bruising, swelling, and sometimes numbness along the incision like or around the lower lip. All these side effects are normal and generally short-lived. You can manage these discomforts better with medication prescribed by your surgeon. Sleeping with your head elevated can also help in reducing the swelling and bruising.

It's very important that you ensure hygiene of the wounds on your bottom gums to avoid proliferation of bacteria inside the mouth. Mouthwash use is recommended.

Recovery time differs from person to person but you can expect to do some light chores about 10 days after surgery. However, strenuous activities, heavy lifting and straining should be avoided for about three more weeks.

You can see significant improvement in your facial contour once most of swelling and bruising subsides by the second week. Final and long term results become more apparent after three to six months.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalJaw Contouring Post Operative Care

Jaw Contouring and Mandibular Angle Reduction Surgery post op care instructions will be discussed prior to your surgery and the plastic surgeon will give you a guide book for you to review.

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok HospitalPossible Jaw Recontouring Surgery Risks

Possible the main risks are bruising, swelling, infection, bleeding, scarring as well as numbness, or else change in the sensation. Following surgeon’s advice may reduce risks as well as complications.

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