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Affordable and Safe Medical Travel Tours for Trans Gender Sexual Reassignment Surgery (SRS) in Bangkok, Thailand Accredited Hospitals. Surgeries are Performed by Board Certified Thai SRS Plastic Surgeons, who Have Completed hundreds of SRS Surgeries Successfully for International Patients Visiting Thailand to Address Their Medical Needs. Recover in Privacy and enjoy Huge savings on a Cosmetic Surgery Makeover.

Thai Ladyboy SRS Sex Change Operation at Bangkok Plastic Surgery Hospital
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ThaiMed CEO Patient Review

ThaiMed Mike Brennan Review

"I was one of the first patients and my before & after pictures speak for themselves."

Are there people who look better than me? Sure there are, as I am no one special.  In fact, I will be 65 on my next birthday.  After viewing my pictures ask yourself, "Would I be satisfied receiving similar results?"  If you answered yes, you should contact plastic surgeon and I believe you will be glad you did.

Planning your medical tour is a lot more involved than just providing a quote for the price of a procedure. Following our plan means designing a number of enhancements using surgeons, dermatologists, dentists and anti-aging doctors to get you the look you want at a price and time commitment that is affordable for you.

Through my experiences as a traveler exploring health care in thailand and as a result of the difficulties and troubles I experienced, I was able to devlope a company with a highly qualified team that is able to devlope a medical tour that is worry free and surpasses your expectations.

Please click on the thumbnail to see the larger image:

Thailans Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok Hospital  Before and After Photos

Left Side View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant   Front View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant

Top View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant   Right Side View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant

Right-Front View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant   Back View of Before & After of ThaiMed Hair Transplant

I have completed my makeover without doing my final surgery now as I am satisfied with my current look. It was a very long journey for me as I had to find the right Doctor, then do the procedures. It will be much easier for you. I have the Doctors and I am proof that they are good at what they do. To get started it is best to contact me. I plan to be available personally everyday until we are too busy for me to see every English speaker personally. Fo now, tak the time to Learn More about how I and my staff have helped many achieve their desires …

Learn More About Thailand Medical Surgery Travel Tours to Bangkok Thailand Hospitals and Clinics by Thai Surgeon and Doctor Associates


ThaiMed Medical Director and Associate of Doctors
Mike Brennan
ThaiMed CEO

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I am in Bangkok and on the phones 9am - 5pm daily Monday  thru Friday (Bangkok time GMT+7).  I have a toll free numbers that are forwarded to my office and mobile telephone, so you an easily call me.

If I don't answer during those hours please call back or leave your name, number, location, and preferred local time and I will call you back.

We invite you to contact us
Monday - Friday; 9 am - 5 pm
Bangkok, Thailand Time
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